Ferrari ICO

Make my dreams come true, please!

Each time a new ICO appears someone cries: "this is SCAM"!

I don't know about other ICOs but this time you are right! Congratulations!

I want to take your money and buy myself a Ferrari!

It's a 100% scam ICO so may be the money will fund a lot of Bourbon and Hookers.

Just send your ETH to my smart contract ) 1 ETH = 1 000 Ferrari Tokens (FERR)


Donated: 0.01 ETH

Hard CAP: 2500.00 ETH

Ferrari Scam Tokens Left: 2499990

Time left: 29 Days

Value for investors.

  1. It won't lose it's value! 0 is always a 0!
  2. You will be a holder of a rare token only a few will dare to buy!
  3. You will make some hookers very happy when I spend the easy cash!
  4. If I manage to collect enough money I'll post a pic of the ferrari I bought and you'll know - the lucky bastard made it!
  5. I couldn't think of number 5. It's hard, because it's a shitty token )


John Smith
Founder *

A star in certain circles.

Previously Inventor and founder of the CJC. (Circle Jerking Club)

I really need your money to get laid!

Arthur Stark
CTO **

John told me that if I learn how to code smart-contracts I will get enough bourbon for life!

I did and i hope i didn't fuck it up!

* The image of the founder has nothing to do with me. Sorry man, I just googled your pic.

** I don't have any TEAM or even friends really, but each ICO needs some pics, right?


0 - 200 ETH


201 - 500 ETH


501 - 1500 ETH


1501 - 2500 ETH

I don't really think I will make it. But if I do, I'll book some awesome pornstars make them perform some crazy shit and share the vid with you guys )))

Token Distribution and Bounty Programm.

7 500 000 total FERR Ferrari ICO Scam Token

  • 2 500 000 - Investors
  • 2 500 000 - Bounty Program
  • 2 500 000 - me )

Let's make Ferrari Scam Token great together!

1 click = 1 FERR (Ferrari Token) link to our homepage link to our bitcoin talk discussion


  1. 1. Is it a scam? Oh no! I will really steal your money as I promised!
  2. 3. Will the token be available on exchanges? I'll try as hard as I can! I've left 33% tokens for myself! There is a chance i get bored and make something else though.
  3. 2. Can I invest if I am a US citizen? Sure you can! Don't worry, I'll make sure nobody finds out who I am to keep feds away from my ass!
  4. 4. Will I be able to sell the FERR token or use it to pay for something? Sure! If you find somebody that will buy or accept it like I did )

If you liked this page feel free to give me your money or promote it via bounty program.
Or just share it with your friends who are more generous then you are )

Want to contact me? Hire to make you a real ICO?
My e-mail:

And yes, I would be happy to give you an interview.
Yours, hopefully, Lucky Bastard with a Ferrari!

Want to know how I spend your money?

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